Bouée MyFloat bag pour nager en sécurité


SFr. 69.00


Sac étanche hyper pratique et polyvalent!! Pour être vu des bateaux et/ou pour emporter ses valeurs quand vous piquer une tête!

Ce sac, une fois gonflé sert de bouée et il peut accueillir vos valeurs pour ne rien laisser sur la plage pendant que vous allez nager. La bouée supporte jusqu'à 100kg en cas de problème ou de crampes. Et elle assure votre visibilité pour les autres usagers. Le sac est complètement étanche et vos valeurs resterons bien au sec.


MyFLOAT bag 

The MyFLOAT is a floatable dry bag that can be secured around your waist with an easily adjustable belt strap. As you swim, the MyFLOAT bag floats behind you without causing any resistance in the water.

Two extra-reinforced handles on top ensure easy grabbing while in the water, as well, two swimmers can hold on to it, supporting up to 250 pounds in the water.

You are highly visible to all types of watercraft and other swimmers at all times, due to the MyFLOAT’s size, shape and vibrant color (available in two colors yellow & hot pink).

It is completely waterproof and can hold many items such as your car keys, cell phone, camera, lunch, clothing, running shoes, and helmet. It is also easily carried on land.  

Once your things are inside, they won’t move because they are securely kept in place and protected by two separate air chambers, this allows you to throw the bag or drop it without damaging the items that were put inside.

Enter in the water at point A and exit at point B with all of your stuff.  

MyFLOAT allows you to swim with confidence for long distances and in various water conditions without being worried, knowing you can hold on to your bag at any time.

This is a high quality product, it has two air chambers and two anti-return valves, therefore it is not only practical, the MyFLOAT could save your life or the life of another swimmer!

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