Rooster Aquafleece Neck Gaiter


SFr. 22.50

Profitez d'une écharpe, bonnet et cagoule en une seule pièce.

Inspiré par la mer, l’Aquafleece® Neck Gaiter utilise une combinaison d’Aquafleece® et de PolyPro, qui en font un "must have" pour tous les régatiers, fournit la protection contre les éléments et un confort maximal. Sa conception multifonction permet de le porter comme écharpe, bonnet ou cagoule.

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Inspired by water, the Aquafleece® Neck Gaiter uses a combination of Aquafleece® and PolyPro to make this a must have watersports accessory, providing protection from the elements without compromising comfort. Its multifunction design enables it to be worn as a neck gaiter, a beanie or a balaclava.

Aquafleece® has a Polyurethane coating on the outside for water resistance, durability and flexibility combined with a fleece inner layer to keep you snug and warm - a combination that works well when wet or dry. PolyPro is a combination of Spandex and polypropylene offering a perfect material for use around water as its has a brushed ´fleece like´ inside to provide good thermal and wicking properties, whilst it also remains remarkably dry since the polypropylene material hates water.

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